Peanut Foundation Reports

The Peanut Research Foundation’s board of directors and staff have worked diligently over the past year to assess the wishes of the peanut industry regarding future research priorities.

In 10 short years, The Peanut Research Foundation’s two peanut genome research initiatives have delivered significant science that has real-world commercial value to every sector of the U.S. peanut industry: growers, shellers, manufacturers and allied industries.

While our research has generated 150+ scientific papers to date, our goal was always to fuel peanut breeding programs to bring new value to our supply chain. Summary highlights of those initiatives follow, from the initiative's vision, designed and execution, to how we transferred learnings to industry _ and listened thoughtfully to our industry's needs.

The Peanut Research Foundation took progressive strides forward in 2022. Consistent with our goals, we funded 13 research projects related to disease and aflatoxin resistance, general methodology and research support. Through the scope of our work, we are looking to the future and providing an investment in exploration and innovation to benefit the entire U.S. peanut industry.

Growing the Industry’s Future

The Peanut Research Foundation (TPRF) made considerable progress in 2021, the second year of the foundation’s Peanut Genome Initiative Phase II (“PGI-II”), despite a lingering global pandemic. We’re pleased to share with you this update.

In 2012, the U.S. peanut industry charged The Peanut Foundation with initiating a research program to map the genetic code of the peanut plant. The Peanut Genome Initiative (PGI) was — and remains — the largest research project ever funded by our industry, with the $6M cost shared equally among growers, shellers and manufacturers. This is the final report of that five-year program.

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