2020 Annual Report The Peanut Genome Initiative (PGI-Phase II)

The 2012-2017 Peanut Genome Initiative (PGI) was the largest research project ever funded by our industry, with the $6M cost shared equally among growers, shellers and manufacturers.  

The PGI has given us a map with which we can unlock some of the genetic potential of the peanut plant.   We now have the capability to find beneficial genes in cultivated and wild peanuts that can lead to even greater yields, lower production costs, lower losses to disease, improved processing traits, improved nutrition, improved safety, better flavor and virtually anything that is genetically controlled by the peanut plant.  These accomplishments will depend on incremental scientific advances in gene discovery and the development of markers.  Desirable traits will become reality as the result of aggressive breeding programs which are equipped to take advantage of these tools. 

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